Arcade Rental Service

Our 300-in-1 Retro Arcade Cabinets are available to lease as part of our Rental Service. Whereas our Hire Service provides you with stand-alone Event Entertainment, our Rental Service provides a cost effective way of hiring an Arcade Machine for an extended period of time. From as little as £7 a day!
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We’re able to supply our 300-in-1 Retro Arcade Machines for short and long-term lease.  

This service is perfect for for providing your Workplace, Business premises or communal area with a free-play Arcade Cabinet.

Our Arcade Machine Rental Service also covers the delivery, collection and on-call support that comes as standard with our Event Hire Service.

We can Supply this service from as little as £7 a day plus Delivery costs.

Please browse the adjacent tabs for further details on our fantastic Rental service, or for Pricing and Delivery information please see below.

Delivery of our equipment is included in your booking and we deliver anywhere in the mainland UK!

Your events person/driver will be booked to arrive an hour prior to your event start time (or earlier if required). They will be responsible for ensuring both the ease of access to your venue and the placement of the equipment.

Once the equipment is set up, your events person/driver will ensure you’re happy and leave you with any relevant information.

They will return shortly after your event finish time to discretely collect.

No two events are ever exactly the same and that’s why we tailor our Service around you.

We’re very thorough in learning all the in-and-outs of your event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We’ll call you after the initial booking in order to ensure all the details of your event are up-to-date.

So on the day of your event we can arrive promptly and with minimal fuss – giving you peace of mind.

Furthermore, we’ll be flexible with any changes and be available on-call during the event itself.

We offer a Branding and Customisation service for our Retro Arcade Machine Hire service.

This is particularly adventageous  if you are having a product launch or exhibition, or simply want to brand your company name or signify the occasion.


  • Customised Marquee: £30
  • Customised Bezel: £45
  • Customised Side Art (Colour and Graphic): £30 per side
  • Full Set: £110

It must be noted that this service needs at least 10 working days notice prior to your event to guarantee completion.

The price of our Arcade Machine Rental Service is determined by the length of the Rental period and the cost of Delivery. 

We’re determined to give you the best service and value for money, so please do enquire. Our Rental Price Table and Delivery Price map are located below. Delivery costs are based upon your location and can differ considerably. Minimum Rental Length of One Week. For One-Off Events, please visit our Event Hire Booking page.

You can find more information on our 300-in-1 Arcade Machines here. To make an enquiry please fill out the form below.

Hire Length Cost Price Range Delivery Discount
Day 7-14 £25.00 a Day £175.00 – 325.00 0%
Day 15-21 £12.50 a Day £337.50-412.50 5%
Day 22 -28 £10.00 a Day £422.50-482.50 7%
Week 5 onward £70.00 a Week £552.50> 10%

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