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Summer is coming and there is fun to be had!


Well Spring is arriving and we’re nearing the time where we begin to make plans for the rest of the year. This is probably more relevant now than ever, as the allure of being able to enjoy a proper British Summer has been reinforced by hours spent toiling around at home. It’s been, what seems like, a never ending slog. However every couple of weeks from now-on-in restrictions are lifted, one by one, until we’re practically in the clear. We absolutely cannot wait!

Mostly it’s going to be seeing family and friends in the flesh and doing the things together that we have missed.  That is going to be so good! It could be playing football or going to the gym, going down the pub or out for a meal or it could be as simple as getting your haircut. It’s all to come with the proposition of getting back to normal never having been so exciting! We’ve missed it and, to be fair, we really took it for granted.

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Things are starting to pick up!


As exciting as all that is, some people have bigger fish to fry! We need to get back to business ourselves but many Brides and Grooms are finally able to start planning their Weddings. It’s been an arduous journey for the Wedding Industry as a whole. There will have been many a tear shed, many a late night – it certainly hasn’t been fair but we’re all on our way back. We are ready for it and we cannot wait to get stuck in again, but with the countdown to events having started we do have plans to keep ourselves busy in the meantime.

We’ve been really busy since mid-January, the optimism that the New Year brought meant clients were looking forward to the summer and beyond with real positivity. It wasn’t long until new restrictions put a bit of a dampener on that but since the roadmap reveal things have really kicked off. The back end of 2021 sees our calendar filling up nicely but we’ve also been keen to encourage Home Bookings before the country opens up on 21st July.

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We’re still able to provide fun during lockdown


We’re fortunate that our services can still be delivered during these times – covid-19 secure of course. As our range of Arcade Games do not need to be staffed and can be left in the capable hands of our clients for the duration. Although our Air Hockey Table and 300-in-1 Retro Arcade Machines may not fit in every home conveniently, the same certainly cannot be said about our Video Game Bar Tops and our Table Football.  They’re much more convenient and manoeuvrable as well as being loads of fun!

If you’re new to our service and products, then it needs to be said that the delivery, setup and collection is all included. We have a standard hire time of 6 hours, however we’re wavering this while we are focusing on our Fun at Home service and allowing guests keep hold of the equipment for most of the day for the same price. Speaking of price, we also have special rates to coincide with the service – reduced down from the advertised rates on our website.  We really are just looking to get out there and provide some fun and entertainment for our guests!

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Not missing out for long


We’re missing the feeling of being involved and providing our clients with that special something to bring their event to life, be it an incredible surprise or just to entertain for the sake having some good old fashioned fun! With any luck we’ll be seeing you in your homes, garden or wedding venue soon!

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