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Find all the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions right here. We attempt to answer every query you may have from bookings, to the equipment and the events themselves.

If there is anything you’re still unsure of, feel free to drop us an email We’re happy to answer any queries you may have.

Which type of events do you cater for?

We specialise in Weddings, Parties and Events of all kinds. These include, but are not limited to, Exhibitions, Conferences, Work’s Dos, Stag/Hen Dos, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Workplace incentives, team building, product launches and festivals.

What does your service entail?

We provide a great range of fun equipment to hire. We deliver to your chosen venue, set it up for your specified start time, and then promptly collect it once your event has finished.

Are any of your Games suitable for those with accessibility needs?

Unfortunately not every item in our range is as accessible as the next. However, our 50-in-1 Retro Video Game Bar Tops can easily be set at a seated height. While the range of the controller cable means that they can be played with ease from a distance.

Do you provide Branding?

Yes, we can brand one of our 300-in-1 Retro Arcade Machines with the colours and artwork of your choice. Please see our Custom Arcade Machine Branding page.

We also offer branding options with our Casino Table Hire – please see the section below.

table tennis outside at wedding


Can you deliver to my home?

Yes – we can deliver to your home. Our Public Liability Insurance only covers our equipment in public venues. However, we have no problems setting up in your home but we will ask you to sign a disclaimer before we leave you with the equipment.

My venue needs copies of your Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing!?

You will often find that your venue will need confirmation that your supplier has Public Liability Insurance and that their electrical equipment is PAT tested. This is standard practice. We will send them the latest versions of our paperwork in the run up to your event, if they have requested it. Please let us know!

My venue has stairs / is not on the ground floor!?

Some venues can be quite tricky for access. In most cases this is not too much of a problem.

If your venue is without a lift or ramp to your specified floor, be sure to let us know so the necessary arrangements can be made. This may mean an additional team member on the day.

Can you speak to the venue for me?

Sometimes speaking to a venue about spatial arrangements, logistics etc. can be daunting or leave you at a loose end. We’ll be happy to contact the venue on your behalf to straighten out the arrangements.

Where will you set up?

Your venue will often have space allocated for the types of equipment we provide. However with years of experience in the industry, we’ll be sure to find the best spot and make the room available!

If you already have an area in mind, simply let us and/or your venue know and we’ll have it sorted on the day.

Arcade Machines

Are they multiplayer?

Yes! All our Arcade Machines (full size and bar top) have either joysticks or controllers for 2 players.

The gaming library available on each machine has been carefully curated to include the best variation of multiplayer games – giving you no end of entertainment at your event.

Is each machine different?

Although our 300-in-1 Retro Arcade Machines may have different Artwork from each other, the games therein are all the same.

However our 50-in-1 Video Game Bar Tops only possess games from the system they represent: Mega Drive, PlayStation and SNES.

What games are on the machines?

The games lists for all our Arcade Machines are available to download at your request.

Our 300-in-1 Arcade Machines includes 300 of the very best retro games from across the most popular systems – both Arcade and home console. This includes everything from Pac-Man to Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. to Spyro the Dragon.

Our Bar Top Arcade Machines are based on the Sega Mega Drive, Sony PlayStation and Super Nintendo respectively. Each machine includes the best 50 games for that console.

Are the Arcade Machines suitable for children?

All the games on our Arcade Machines were made prior to the year 2000, making even the raciest of games from the era pretty tame by today’s standards.

However, care has been taken to ensure that everything available on the machines is family friendly.

children playing arcade machine
bride and groom playing air hockey

Air Hockey

Is the Air Hockey Table electric?

Yes – the Air Hockey Table is an electronic piece of equipment. We will supply the necessary cabling and extensions.

Does the Air Hockey have a fan?

Yes – the Air Hockey table is powered by a powerful fan that sits beneath the playing surface. 

How big is the Air Hockey Table?

The Air Hockey Table is approximately 7ft by 3 ft.

Casino Tables

Do you provide Croupiers / Dealers?

Yes – we provide trained croupiers. They come as standard with the booking of your casino table or tables. 

Do we play for real money?

Unfortunately not. We are not licenced to promote nor facilitate monetised Casino Nights. The likelihood is that your venue will also be without a licence.

Our Casino Nights are just for fun. Although, as host, you may decide to play for charity or for prizes.

Our Casino Equipment is just for fun and our Croupiers cannot be held responsible for any personal financial loss you may have furtively ventured during the course of the evening.

How does it work?

Receiving Chips

We will allow guests to visit the tables and receive free chips in order to play. They play until they either lose all their chips or they decide to cash out.

Cashing Out

If they cash out, their winnings are exchanged for dud or ‘funny’ money. They can return to the tables later in the evening, with their winnings, and continue to play.


If they lose all their chips, then the croupier will likely take pity and give them another opportunity. Although they may have to give up their seat first to a waiting player.

Whichever player has the most ‘funny’ money at the end of the night wins the prize/prizes.

Do you provide prizes?

As standard we’ll provide a bottle of bubbly for the winner. However, we can provide additional prizes or you can provide your own!

Will you teach my guests how to play?

It is common for people to think casino games are far too complicated if they are not familiar with them. It’s also just as common to find the same people entirely bitten by the gambling bug before the end of the evening.

Our Croupiers will be more than happy to get your guests swiftly up to speed, honestly – it’s quicker than you think. 

Do you offer branding / signage?

Yes – we are able to provide pop-up banners, brandable Casino Tables, as well as bespoke funny money for your event. Just mention this when you make an enquiry and we can give you a quote.

Fun Casino Hire table croupier
bride playing basketball

Coverage Area

Where do you deliver?

We provide our Hire Packages across the North West of England, however we happily deliver across the entire mainland UK. 

So feel free to make an enquiry stating where it is you are and we’ll provide you with the best quote we can.

How much does it cost?

All our North West packages and their prices are on our website. Outside of this coverage area, our prices will vary depending on distance and the length of the event.

It is a general rule of thumb, that the more you hire the greater the value. We add discounts for every additional item (this may depend on the type of equipment).

Are there any extra/hidden costs?

No – the price we quote you is inclusive of everything that our service entails as well as your chosen equipment.

The only exception is if the equipment, the distance or the length of the event changes from when you made your original enquiry. Then we may need to adjust your quote. 

r-cade hire coverage map of uk

Our initial coverage area included in our standard hire pricing covers an hour’s travel or around 40 miles – with consideration for motorway access and congested areas.

Beyond this area there are additional costs to cover travel expenses. The further we travel the longer it takes to get back! Please see a guide below to give you an understanding of the additional costs likely to be associated with delivering your event.

If you’re unsure of anything or if something needs further clarification please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Zone 1 – Included in our standard North West Hire
(Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Clitheroe, Lancaster, Blackpool, Chester, Wirral, Windermere)

Zone 2 – up to £150.00 in additional travel expenses
(Leeds, Stoke, Wrexham, Penrith, Kendal, South Lakes)

Zone 3 – up to £300.00 in additional travel expenses
(Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Shrewsbury, York, Hull, Newcastle, Glasgow)

Zone 4 – up to £450.00 in additional travel expenses
(Falkirk, Edinburgh, Stranraer, Peterborough, Gloucester)

Zone 5 –  £950.00 minimum spend
(Cardiff, Bristol, Oxford, London, Ipswich, Norwich, Arbroath, Aberdeen)

Booking, Deposit & Payment

How do I book?

First, you need to make an enquiry so that we know if we have availability on your date. Then we can give you a quote.

If you’re happy with the quote, we will send you out a summary of your event details as well as an invoice. The invoice will include our payment details. You only need to pay the deposit in order to secure your booking – deposit is due within 7 days of receiving your invoice.

Please be aware that once we have sent out your invoice as requested, we have therefore begun our working relationship and all payments are expected as of the dates specified in your invoice.

The remaining balance is due the beginning of the month of your event, or two weeks prior to your event – whichever is earliest. This date is specified in your invoice.

How much is the deposit?

As a general rule, we require £50.00 to secure the booking then £25.00 for every additional piece of equipment. 

Which forms of payment do you take?

We Invoice you for the deposit which is payable via Bank Transfer. Our Bank Details will be provided in your Invoice.

We also accept Debit/Credit card payments should it be necessary. Some of our customers prefer to pay via Card and in which case we will send you a custom payment link.

Please be aware that there is a 1.6% fee + 0.20p card charge when paying by card. This is set by our provider.

arcade games package at wedding
bride and groom playing video games

Insurance & Due Diligence

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes – we have Public Liability Insurance up to £6,000,000. 

Are your electronics PAT tested?

Yes – our electronics and our equipment is PAT tested every year.

Do you have Risk Assessments for your equipment?

Yes, we also have risk assessments for the delivery, installation and running of each of our pieces of equipment. We will also provide our event method statement.

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