So you’re going to book a casino table for your event?


It’s late afternoon, the Zoom meeting is coming to an end and you’re looking forward to getting done for the day. Then your boss drops a bombshell on you: “Bla- bla –bla […something inaudible…] Katie is going to organise the entertainment!” Yes – you had once proclaimed that you used to organise events, in order to save face , and evidently your boss has remembered and now it’s come back to haunt you. “What did he even say? I wasn’t listening.” You’ll have to ask a colleague afterwards. “Something about a Casino Themed… Something.” You had best start googling.

“Here we go – Fun Casino Hire for your event! I’ll get that booked. That should do, shouldn’t it?”

A Casino Table at your event, a novel idea, right? Sure – but you know nothing about Casinos. Debs from accounting went to Vegas once, Brian plays Poker, and you’ve watched Casino Royale, well – James Bond Films before, well… certainly Austin Powers anyway. “I also like to live dangerously” you quip.  Ha-ha – but you’re not really sure why that’s funny. Yep – you’re in deep but here is why Hiring Casino Tables for your Event is an excellent idea. It might make you look cool and knowledgeable, continental even, perhaps. Bah – we can’t actually guarantee that. Sorry. But it is a good idea!

Austin powers also like to live dangerously

What people tend to get wrong about their events entertainment


Think back, if you can, to every event you’ve organised or every event you’ve ever been to. If you’re struggling then we may be able to fill in some blanks here. There will often have been a DJ or a Band (people may or may not have danced), there would have been catering and drinkies (of course!) and sure, because these are staples of any event! But the phrase “what else are we going to do for entertainment?” is probably uttered by every party planner, event organiser and nervous bride across the country – and with good reason. What fills this void – a void that is created by the inability of your average party goer to successfully entertain themselves (or so we clammily envisage) – is often a half-baked idea stolen from an Instagram influencer. ”

michael scott cringe

Yep, that scantily clad contortionist was a hit with the dads; that prosecco fountain was everything that was right and wrong about the evening; and the walkabout magician must have performed a real sweet vanishing act as you don’t remember seeing him AT ALL (that could have been the prosecco again). The thing is – a lot of event entertainment either goes unnoticed, doesn’t last long enough or doesn’t involve real participation.

Not everything works as well in practice as it does on paper – particularly when people try to get a bit airy fairy with their ideas.  What’s more, if you like to get your money’s worth then you will likely feel a little short changed. So, let me tell you all about how hiring Casino Tables with Croupiers can help keep your guests thoroughly entertained and engaged for the duration of your event (ps. And represent excellent value as well).

Why hiring casino tables for your event is a great idea!


First and foremost, there is no pressure – honestly. Yes – some players will consider themselves card sharks and others won’t have the foggiest to begin with. Yet by the end of the evening the majority will be self-proclaimed experts. As the drinks start flowing, and the number of confused glancers turn into engrossed enquirers – the volume of people swarming the Casino area will swell.

blackjack table dealer

What’s more the croupiers will happily explain the rules of the game to your guests. Your guests can just watch for a while or jump right in. The thing is with games of chance, is that there are no proven strategies and no special tactics. Your guests may fire banter back and forth alluding to such and your croupiers might also join in with some comical observations. However, everybody can play and win – even those that have absolutely no idea what they’re doing!

It really is something to behold when a pure novice becomes the envy of the entire table, fanning off the accusations of cheating and the stench of good fortune all the while completely unaware of what they actually did to win (The rest of guests might not be able to tell but we can see it in the whites of your eyes – sincerely, Croupiers everywhere.)

All the fun of the casino without any of the risk!


Speaking of good fortune, regardless of whether you manage to be the next Daniel Craig or Daniel Negreanu, it matters little. Fun Casino Hire is all about the excitement of gambling and the great social interactions it creates, because, you see, there is no real money on the line! Yes – there may be prizes or gift vouchers or maybe you’re playing for a charity – so there is certainly an incentive but do not worry about losing the deposit on your house. It’s just for fun but you’ll hardly believe that by the way your guests are going at it on the tables!

raising the roof good time

While there will always be a fight for space at the table, it will not necessarily be the end of your night if you lose all your chips. There has to be an element of competition, sure, but the croupier will likely notice your awkward glances, glum demeanour and empty hands and reissue you with a fresh stack of starting chips. It’s all for fun at the end of the day and the Croupiers will want you playing and enjoying yourselves all night! Not only does this help to keep guests engaged and the levels of competition high, it also means the tables will be the rocking centre of attention for the duration of your event.

Should I hire Blackjack, Roulette or Poker tables?


So, okay, you’re happy with how it works but you do not know the differences between the tables. In most cases you will be able to book an array of Casino related games from Craps to Spin the Wheel. However the 3 big hitters are Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. Blackjack is 21 or pontoon as Grandma used to call it – or at least that’s the closest convenient approximation. Roulette is the one with the big spinning wheel that looks confusing (but it really isn’t). The Roulette is also the table that really screams Casino Night, so on pure looks alone – Hiring a Roulette Table is a front runner!

roulette wheel casino close up

And Poker will of course be familiar to a lot of people in many different guises, however Fun Casino Poker is a very addictive yet simpler version where you only play against the dealer. Honestly hiring all three would go down a treat but if you only have room or budget for the one casino table, then all three are viable options. They’re all easy to pick up – yet challenging enough to keep your attention and not to mention they’re so addictive!

How much encouraging do I have to do?


Yes, you’re probably wondering how much effort it’ll take as host – the answer is not that much really. As we said earlier, the Croupiers and the allure of the shiny Casino Equipment will do most of the work. Your dealers will likely come in all shapes and sizes. They will often be able to do some sweet card tricks, spin yarns about celebrities and cruise ships or maybe they’ll be the strong silent type that’ll rile up the cocky office upstart that nobody likes. You know the guy we mean, ours is called Eddie.

Keeping the guests entertained is nothing but pure job satisfaction for the dealers and they’ll often be found holding court for the duration of the event. However if you’re worried about the initial engagement – don’t be, funny money sees to that. Yes, prior to the event getting underway your croupiers will dish out fake bank notes (which can often be designed bespoke for your event) to each of your guests. This will entitle them to their first stack of chips to get them rolling and will also be what they get paid out in when they eventually leave the table. Cue the high rollers fanning out wads of fake cash and making it rain at their colleagues because that will never get old. All night long. Forever. Brian. Stop It Now!

making it rain money cash

Classic and Reliable Events Entertainment


Well, much like Brian our time is coming to an end. Unlike Brian we will be back in some shape or form. And breathing. But as you can see the thrill of gambling doesn’t always need to be confined to an actual casino and the fun can be replicated with little experience or effort on your own part. As part of a grander theme with black-tie, cocktails and props, you’re looking at a real suave evening.

However, just a lone Blackjack table and a Dealer can be enough to keep your guests entertained and talking about what a wonderful job you did organising. You go Katie! So always have the thought of a Fun Casino Night on the backburner when it comes to your prospective event entertainment – it will be a winner every time. We can honestly attest to it being an absolute banger of a choice for any event – your Wedding, Office Party or Awards Night particularly.

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